The Widow by Fiona Barton


My gosh!! I has been ages since I have posted anything but I have been too busy with Uni assignments and essays.

I picked up this book with the hope that it is going to be as thrilling as Gone Girl and The girl on the train, but it wasn’t. I am not saying that the book wasn’t good but I was expecting more. Especially the ending. I totally expected that Glenn took Bella, but I thought Jean would end up with the baby and raise her. That, in my opinion, would have been a more thrilling end.

Jean is a normal girl that married a man, Glenn, whom she didn’t recognised in the end. She believed she married the perfect man, but in the end he proved to be a total paedophile psychopath who kidnapped an innocent baby girl from her garden after months of planning it. In the end he kills her and makes Jean a part of it. The novel ends with Jean visiting the baby’s grave, in the woods where they buried her. Although she believes Glenn killed her by accident, the detective proves her wrong and uncovers the real face of the loving husband.

As I have said before, it was a nice book to read, but I expected a better and a more thrilling end that would make me, as a reader, to read more from the author. If you are expecting a book with a mystery and suspense as Gone Girl, this isn’t the one.

Gigi xoxo


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