Hello, My name is Geanina and I cannot believe I just started my very own blog. I am a student at English Language and Literature at University of Westminster. The whole idea to form a blog came for boosting my resume for a future internship or job in editorial and PR, but as I was starting to build “my little baby” I kind of got into it and is 2AM and I am still here writing ..it is addictive 😀 Since I have moved to London, 7 years ago, I have been working with children and I can always become a teacher after I finish Uni, but as the weeks go by I start to feel that the world of editorial and PR is more up my alley. This blog gives me a way to express my opinions and reviews on different things I experience or come across (shows, books, plays, fashion, beauty and travel).

Hope you all enjoy it !

Gigi xoxo