Younique foundation and mascara



Hey darlings…

Right.. After researching a bit and watching some tutorials on Youtube, I have decided to give a try to this products from Younique. Everyone is saying just amazing things about them, but to be honest I haven’t seen anything special to the ones I have tried that other products can’t do.

Let’s begin with the foundation.. They claim that will cover everything, even acne scars, but the pressed foundation I got didn’t do that. I do not mean it didn’t cover at all, but not in the proportion I have seen in the videos. Maybe the liquid one it is different, but the pressed one was a bit of a disappointment. Would not buy it again.

The mascara.. I cannot say the same bad things about it but is nothing that my normal mascara isn’t. Maybe it is because I have naturally long, curled eyelashes and anything would do the job.The box comes with 2 tubes: step 2 and 3. The first step is applying a coat of your favourite mascara, step 2 apply a coat or two of the little fibres onto your eyelashes to make them longer. Finally you apply a coat of step 3. A bit complicated for just a mascara; not very handy for someone busy or in a rush.

Gigi xoxo


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