Trump and the American Eagle

Screenshot_20161014-231920.jpgThe majestic bird of prey has been an American symbol since the Continental Congress of 1782 borrowed the eagle from Roman Republic imagery, stuck some arrows in one of its talons, slipped an olive branch in the other, and put it smack in the middle of the Great Seal of the United States.

While running a campaign based on attacking everyone who is not rich, white, male and conservative, Trump decided to have a photoshoot for Time magazine with a bald eagle. Apparently, the event did not go very well as the bird did not approve of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Although,Trump is trying to portray a perfect image having him as the protector of United States, exactly like the eagle, he is not fooling anyone. Why did he need to have all his trophies and pictures of himself in the background? The picture supposed to portray a leader, person of the year, turned out to be something one sees in a shallow rich college boy photoshoot for a magazine connected to American Football.

Trump’s entire campaign has the basis of hate towards everyone but himself. How a person like that can lead a nation to success? How can he “make America great again”, if the ‘qualities’ he possesses are nothing but wrong? When he first started advertising his presidency campaign, going after the minorities in America, the response given by the people of United Kingdom was extraordinary; a petition of banning him from entering Great Britain. Never have I seen a candidate for the presidency of United States having such a negative attitude towards everyone around him, and the response of British people made me proud of living in this country. The situation happening right now in America is the most dangerous campaign ever seen, having to choose between two ‘devils’ on the basis of who will ruin the country less. The promises he is making towards the American citizens are unbelievable, and the fact that he is proud of those promises is shocking to me. One of those promises is to remove any regulations regarding weapons, under his administration, leading to a ‘better nation’ where everyone will be allowed to possess a gun as it is stated in the constitution, under the 2nd Amendment. America has the highest firearm homicide rate and ‘unintentional’ firearm deaths in the world, and he wants to make the process of procuring a gun easier?! How will that “make America great again”? What sort of leader takes such decision for his nation?

America has had television presidents before (Kennedy, Reagan, Bartlet) but Donald Trump is an actual television character not a human person with a social security number and/or a soul.


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