Madame Waffle


Hey darlings..

I have recently went to Lincoln to visit my sister and we went to a place called Madame Waffle, where they serve any time of food on a waffle. It was amazing. The place is situated on the main street in the city centre, with a really cute bohemian ambience inside. I have had salmon and scrambled eggs with cheese inside a waffle with salad on the side- the crispiness of the waffle combined with the flavours of salmon and eggs made it just perfect. For pudding, I had something even better: Oreo biscuits with ice-cream on a waffle with chocolate sauce on top; it was mind-blowing..The best word to describe it is: foodporn 😀

I am trying to find a similar place here in London..if you guys know a place like that please let me know.







Gigi xoxo


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